Cheers to the New Year!

Well, its that time of year we say adios to 2018 and welcome the new year 2019! I’m not one to say glad a year is over because life is about a bunch of ups and downs, and how you dictate your life will dictate the outcome! The good and the bad are all learning curves in life and those experiences make us who we are! I feel as long as we can learn from any of those experiences and utilize any underlying message it may give us, one day we can step back and realize what we taught ourselves and make us stronger, and even a better person.

I am not one to really make resolutions at the new year, if there is something I’d like to do or a goal I’d like to reach, why not start right then and there? I have my own list of things I’d like to focus on and when the time is right, I start…One thing at a time…I find when I do it that way, I feel more accomplished and I don’t set myself up for failure. 

Okie, enough of the motivational and sentimental talk and let me talk about our New Year’s Eve!

For the last few years, Eddie and I go out for dinner and then head over to our friends’ house in comfy clothes and drink. Tonight Eddie, Kayleen, and I went to Primo in Gurnee It’s nice and close, and we can run home and change back into comfy lounge attire before heading over to our friends’ house that we’ve been celebrating with since NYE 2014. The place was busy as expected, and we had requested to sit in the section where one of our neighbors, Nevin, is working. We have always sat in the main dining area, but we were in a quiet little private side room with 8 tables, not used to it being this quiet here! Almost felt like we were in trouble lol. 

As we were taking pictures, Nikki Khayat (owner) let us know there is a booth open in the main dining area if we would rather sit there and not in the quiet room.  We chose to stay in Nevin’s section…

I ordered my glass of Quilt, and Eddie and Kayleen got their typical Coors Light, and opted out for appetizers since Eddie was perfectly content with the bread and butter. Eddie got his typical ribeye, Kayleen ordered 2 6oz lobster tails and broccolini, and I ordered lemon coconut halibut which is my favorite item there. No food porn pictures, just ate and forgot! 

Time to head back home to change and drive to our friends’ house to drink and play Left Right Center where we lost $12 before heading back home. 

Every year I don’t want to go out, and every year we do. Every year we have a great time with friends, and I’m always glad we did. Life is too short to not enjoy the moments. Creating memories and makes life so enjoyable! Cheers to 2018, and hello to 2019, and living life to the fullest! So much planned for 2019, stay tuned!!!