Super busy super stressful week before leaving today, but we’re all packed up and ready to pick up Kayleen so she can take us to the airport. I finish my last client at 4pm and we head out the door!

Eddie and I are eating a quick dinner at the Cubs Bar & Grill at Ohare terminal 3 enjoying a beverage before our flight to LAX.

Eddie said “Your boy is sitting across from us.” Huh? “Your Chicago PD boy.” Looking around like….OOOMMMGGGGGGG!!!! KEVIN ATWATER???? Ok, so I kept looking earlier thinking why do I know this guy, then Eddie says that..Ok, Jen..Breathe cuz you’re taking a pic…but how without being a psycho creepy fan??  Ok, but wait..is it really him? As I am trying not to make myself look like a complete stalker, I notice his Goyard wallet on the counter…HAS TO BE HIM…right? Oh shit…he has a toothpick in his mouth…HOLY FUCK THATS ATWATER, that was the biggest give away because he always has a toothpick on the show lol…

We head over to the gate since its almost time to board. Uh, looks like he is at our gate. Dammit, guess I’m taking one for the team and going to embarrass myself…I leave Eddie and walk over to him. I said “Hi, I’m so sorry for stalker starring, but I’m sure you get this all the time cuz you really look familiar.” He laughs and says “Well maybe…Do I owe you money?” “Lol, no…” “Do you go to my church?” “Definitely no lol” I said “Do you do a lot of work in Chicago?” He has this huge smile and says “Kind of”…”Kind of like tv kind of stuff??” He laughs and says “Yes? Lol” “Like KEVIN ATWATER ON CHICAGO PD kind of???” He laughs more and says “Yes!” Then we start talking and Eddie walks over and I’m like can I be annoying and get a pic?? He says “Of course!” Ok I NEVER bother celebrities, but broooo he is literally one of my favs cuz I feel like I’ve watched him grow so much on the show lol…We chatted for a solid 10 min before he went on the plane. Super nice guy, and I like him even more now! 

We land and order our Uber to the airbnb. It was $22.06 for a 25 minute drive. Arrived and ready for bed after this long day…

We follow the keypad instructions for check in, go thru the lobby area and elevator which seemed nice…until we got to the 4th floor which stunk like stink. Maybe like old mildew and old cigarette smoke. Gross. Now I am nervous. We get in the room and surprisingly was just like the pictures, but the pictures were either taken in great daylight, or they had some great filters. The pictures were the same as the listing, but not as crisp looking. It was a little dusty, but most people probably wouldn’t notice. Good thing it didn’t smell like the hallway. The little full size bed looked clean, and loved how there were big windows. The bathroom was a bit dated, but fine for the days. Stop being a princess Jen!