Ready to head out to Palisades to Tamara Mellon & Sephora before going to Dockweiler Beach for the family beach day. It was about 20-25 min and was $27.12 Uber ride. We stop off at Tamara Mellon for a pair or so of shoes before my makeup appointment. 

I have a few free makeup application at Sephora so figure I’d cash them in. I had requested someone who is comfortable with a heavy pigmented dramatic look. Unfortunately, I got a mua that is very light handed and didn’t appear to be confident in the few pictures I showed her. Great. It took 3 mua to achieve the look I wanted, and I couldn’t even touch up anything…#princessproblems

We felt like burgers and Hank’s was recommended. Cute place, good burgers!

We sat down and ordered then looked how long it would take to get to Dockweiler Beach…it was 130pm and it takes 51 minutes to get there. Wait what?? Its 8.7 miles!! Ohhh, LA traffic..right…totally forgot 8.7 miles in Los Angeles is not quite the same as Chicago. Im thinking 15-25 tops so plenty of time, well…..we get our food and ask for the check as we inhale our lunch…it took 51 minutes to drive 8.7 miles ($30.12) and it started at 2pm. Good thing they’re Filipino so us being an hour late will actually mean we will be the 1st ones there 🤭we got there just over an hour late…

It was COLD but sunny on the beach, but we had a great time mingling with everyone for a few hours before it was time for us to leave for our dinner reservations. 

It was about 6pm and our Uber arrived for our $43.49 47 minute drive to West Hollywood to Pump. Ok, let me tell you HOW DARLING THIS PLACE IS!!! It is next to SUR where the 4 of us went to dinner with Alex & met JJ in 2015. 

June 7-9 is Pride weekend here, and there is so much fun going on here!

Why would I expect anything less from Lisa Vanderpump?

Pump & Glory

This has to be one of the cutest places! It is outdoor seating with lots of beautiful greenery, lots of sexiness everywhere (:

We order some drinks & bread for appetizers, and for dinner I ordered fish and Eddie ordered skirt steak.

We order dessert too (: This was inhaled in record time….

After dinner I wanted to walk around a bit and see what was going on. Lots of people celebrating Pride and love the positive and loving energy here!

The dispensary closest to us closes in 25 minutes, so we order an Uber for the 8 minute 1.3 mile $5.64 ride to pick up a few things.  

We get another Uber for $15.50 to drive 8.6 miles back to Airbnb.  I feel like a Millennial with all these Ubers lol

step count 11,659!